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Everything you need to know

Before You Book

Here at Whistle Barns, we truly understand the significance of evening entertainment and music for our lovely couples. That's precisely why we're more than happy to let them bring in their own band or DJ if that's what they desire.

Whistle Barns is a place where fresh talents are always welcomed with open arms. Our goal is to ensure you feel completely at ease and right at home amidst our warm atmosphere.

Before you take the leap and confirm a booking to perform at Whistle Barns, we kindly ask you to give our requirements a good look. They're all outlined below, just to make sure we're on the same harmonious page.

PLI & PAT Test

To make sure everything's set for the big day, we kindly request a copy of your Public Liability Insurance (PLI) and Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) Certificate for your equipment. You've got two options for sharing these with us: you can directly email them our way, or if it's more convenient, you can pass them along to the delighted couple, and they'll make sure we receive them.

Just a heads-up, it's really important for us to have these copies of your PLI and PAT. Without them, we won't be able to give the green light for your performance at our venue. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!

Sound Limiter

Our sound guidelines at Whistle Barns include a Sound Limiter set at 100 decibels.

This rule is firmly tied to our licensing agreement, which means we can't bypass or turn off the limiter. We totally understand that it might not always be the most convenient, but our commitment to adhering to our license is paramount.

We kindly request your cooperation in honoring any requests to lower the volume, which might come from any of our Whistle Barns team members. Additionally, during the evening music sessions, we'd appreciate it if all external barn doors remained locked.

Our ultimate aim is for everyone to have an absolute blast during your spectacular performance. If you have any questions or need more details, please don't hesitate to reach out. Your happiness matters to us!

Setting Up Safely

Feel free to unload your equipment directly onto the dancefloor – we've got you covered.

Safety's our top priority, so please keep the FIRE EXIT clear at all times. No cables should cross its path, and the exit itself must remain closed for everyone's well-being.

While we don't offer stage lighting and dry ice is a no-go (it triggers our smoke particle detectors), your creativity can still shine. Just remember, your speakers should be under 1.5 meters in height and drum kits need a protective mat to keep our floors fabulous.

We're unable to keep equipment overnight, but your gear is in good hands during your performance.

We're a team, and your support makes all the difference. If you spot any spills on the dance floor, a heads-up would be awesome.

Any evening food and drink requests must be pre-arranged through the happy couple. Your understanding is truly appreciated!

Sound Check

Get ready for a warm Whistle Barns welcome as a member of our Events Team will be right there to greet you upon your arrival.

If we haven't had the chance to chat about timings prior to the big day, no worries at all! Once you're here, we'll figure out the perfect moment for your sound check.

For the most harmonious experience, aiming to complete the sound check before guests start taking their seats for the Wedding Breakfast, or just after the speeches, works like a charm. This way, we're keeping any disruptions to a minimum and ensuring a seamless celebration. Your cooperation truly helps us create a magical atmosphere!

Music Stops at Midnight

Our license kindly asks us to bring the music to a close at 12 am.

To ensure you can honor those 'one more' requests – which we totally get, especially with a lively dance floor – it's a good idea to start winding things down a bit earlier.

Just so you're aware, the power sockets in the party barn are linked to an automatic timer. It steps in at 12:05 am, allowing you a little time to gracefully power down any delicate equipment. Unfortunately, our Event Managers can't bypass this setting.

We really appreciate your cooperation on this matter; the melody needs to conclude at the stroke of midnight. Thanks for being part of the musical magic at Whistle Barns!

For the Couples

Check out our specially curated Handpicked Supplier list, where you'll discover some truly amazing live music options.

If you're still on the hunt and our list doesn't quite strike the perfect chord, we've got a fantastic suggestion for you: get in touch with Alive Network. They're an agency filled with an array of incredible acts ready to wow you.

By choosing to book through Alive Network, you're in for a smooth ride. They'll handle essential details like Public Liability Insurance and PAT Tests for the acts. It's all about making your musical journey at Whistle Barns absolutely fantastic!

Handpicked Suppliers

All Good Things Must Come To An End

We have a friendly request for all our talented bands, DJs, and evening entertainers: could you kindly have your gear packed and be ready to head out by 12:30 am at the latest?

This buffer of time gives you a comfortable 30 minutes to smoothly wrap up and pack everything once the music has ended.

If any questions or thoughts pop up, don't hesitate to reach out to our Events Team before confirming a booking at Whistle Barns. We're here to ensure everything's in perfect harmony for your performance!