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Indulge in Culinary Joy at Whistle Barns!

There's something truly special about the way delicious food can warm hearts. Here at Whistle Barns, we believe in giving you the power to curate a menu that's a perfect match for your unique couple style. We steer clear of set menus – we understand just how personal food choices can be.

Your menu should be a reflection of your love story, your wedding's theme, and the season you're tying the knot in.

We can't wait to welcome you to your Wedding Tasting Event, where you'll get to savor an array of inventive and delightful wedding food options.  At Whistle Barns, we're here to make your wedding dreams come true, bite by delicious bite!

A Taste of Your Big Day Awaits!

When you choose Whistle Barns for your wedding, get ready to unwrap a delightful treat: two complimentary invitations to our enchanting Tasting Event, hosted by our exclusive in-house caterers.

Picture this: a diverse menu awaits, featuring wedding classics, our signature creations, and even unique and inspiring dishes that will tantalize your taste buds.

Sampling these delectable delights and experiencing their quality and portion sizes will make finalising your wedding menu a breeze. You can unwind, knowing that the choices you make will be a surefire hit on your special day. At Whistle Barns, we're all about making your wedding journey a delicious and joyful experience from start to finish!

Create Your Perfect Wedding Menu

We understand that your wedding menu is a reflection of your personal taste, and that's something we value. Your menu should truly represent you as a couple. Still, we encourage you to approach your Wedding Tasting Event with an open heart and a curious palate. Be ready for a voyage of culinary exploration – you might just discover some incredible dishes that capture your senses and imagination!

And that's not all – get ready to elevate your experience with a delightful wine tasting session to complement your meal. We've got an array of fabulous wines waiting for you to savor, all available for your wedding through The Cellar. At Whistle Barns, it's all about creating a menu that tells your story and celebrating with flavors that speak to your hearts!

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Q. Can I invite additional guests?
A. This event is just for the two of you. 
If you'd like your parents or loved ones to sample the food ahead of your big day, you're welcome to book a table at our Wedding Taster Pop-up – it's a wonderful way to share the joy!

Q. Can I sample my chosen wedding menu?
A. No. This event is about trying some inspirational dishes. Even if you've already made your menu choices, trying other options might spark some exciting changes.

Q. What if I can't make the scheduled dates?
A. If the tasting dates at Whistle Barns don't work for you, no worries! You're more than welcome to join a tasting event at one of our other wedding venues. Alternatively, you can ask friends or family to represent you and share in the delicious experience.

Q. Who will be at my table?
A. You'll be seated with up to three other lovely couples. It's a great way to share experiences, tips, and the excitement of planning your special day at Whistle Barns!

Wedding Taster Pop Up