Wedding Day Timings

1.30pm Ceremony Time

Your Special Day at Whistle Barns

Each and every wedding day holds its own unique charm, and our goal is to collaborate closely with you in curating the perfect schedule for your individualized celebration.

While crafting the timeline for your wedding day at Whistle Barns, there are a few factors to consider. These include the available daylight hours (ensuring ample time for capturing those beautiful daytime photos), the duration required for your preparations, as well as the travel time for both you and your cherished guests.

Remember, the final schedule rests entirely in your hands, but we'd like to offer a friendly suggestion of a ceremony time at 1.30pm. This carefully chosen timing ensures a seamless and delightful day, allowing everything to unfold comfortably.

Continue reading to gain further insight into how your personalized wedding day itinerary might shape up, centered around a 1.30pm ceremony time at Whistle Barns.

9am The Morning Before

Bright and early at 9am, just a day before your joyous occasion, you'll be arriving at Whistle Barns to drop off all the delightful decorations and personal touches you've prepared.

Our friendly and dedicated team will be eagerly awaiting your arrival, ready to lend a hand as you unload your cherished items. It's also an ideal moment to have a quick chat about any final instructions or thoughts you might have regarding the setup for the following morning.

You'll be bringing along neatly labeled boxes, one for each table, brimming with place name cards, favors, and those special decorative elements. Our Events Team will take care of arranging these on each table, just as you've envisioned.

Rest assured, you've already had detailed discussions with your Events Manager by this point, ensuring that everything will be positioned precisely as you've lovingly planned. Your vision is in great hands!

Intimate Atmosphere

Starting at 10am on the day of your wedding, the Whistle Barns venue will open its doors to your suppliers, allowing them to initiate their setup processes.

Our top priority is to ensure a stress-free experience for you, so we encourage you to peruse our thoughtfully curated Handpicked Suppliers List. This comprehensive compilation features a range of dependable suppliers who have earned our trust for their exceptional service delivery on your special day. These professionals are already well-acquainted with the venue's layout and our operational methods. This means you can unwind even further, confident that everyone is well-versed in their roles.

As the clock hits 10am, our exceptional catering team will also make their appearance at the venue. They'll be busy orchestrating the layout of The Wedding Breakfast Room and commencing the preparations for your delectable array of food and beverages. This marks the exciting start of the culinary magic that will grace your celebration.

Handpicked Suppliers

10:30am: Your Arrival

Starting at 10:30am, the enchanting moment arrives for you and your closest companions to step into The Dressing Room at Whistle Barns. Here, you can embark on the thrilling journey of pre-wedding preparations.

Feel free to extend a warm invitation to your photographer to join you in this space. It's a wonderful opportunity to capture those candid 'getting ready' snapshots that will beautifully encapsulate the anticipation and joy of the day. These photographs will undoubtedly become cherished mementos of the magical moments leading up to your wedding ceremony.

11am: Exclusive Use

Starting at 11am, the entirety of the Whistle Barns venue belongs exclusively to you and your celebration. The only individuals present will be the ones you've personally extended invitations to, as well as our dedicated and attentive staff.

Our team will be working diligently behind the scenes, focused on meticulously preparing every detail to ensure your special day unfolds flawlessly. This way, you can fully immerse yourself in the joy of the moment, knowing that everything is being taken care of by our wonderful team.

12:30pm: One Hour To Go

Typically, your partner and their wedding party will prepare at a different location and make their entrance to the venue at this juncture. This marks the moment when they'll join you, surrounded by their own cherished group.

This arrangement provides you with ample opportunity to socialize, mingle, and extend warm welcomes to your guests in the lead-up to the ceremony. The relaxed timeframe ensures that you can engage with your loved ones, creating an atmosphere of joyful anticipation before the main event.

1pm: Thirty Minutes Before

Approximately half an hour before the ceremony, the Registrar will seek a private conversation with both of you. Typically, one of you would engage in this discussion within The Dressing Room, while the other does so in The Ceremony Barn.

Meanwhile, your guests will begin to arrive, and you'll be pleased to know that your attentive Event Manager will be available to assist them. Their role is to expertly guide your guests to the precise location of the ceremony, ensuring a smooth and organized transition for everyone involved.

1:30pm: Ceremony Time!

The eagerly anticipated moment is here at last! Your ceremony, a culmination of excitement and emotion, is about to unfold. The length of the ceremony will be influenced by the readings you've selected; however, as a general guideline, most ceremonies tend to last around 30 minutes. This time is a beautiful blend of meaningful words and heartfelt moments that will etch themselves into the memory of everyone present.

2pm: Drinks Reception

Welcome to The Drinks Reception, a time of joy and mingling! Your guests are warmly invited to gather in The Pub and the decking, overlooking the lake. Our attentive catering team will be on hand, ready to extend a warm welcome with trays of delightful celebratory beverages.

Typically, Drinks Receptions span approximately an hour and a half. This duration often provides the photographer with the ideal window to capture essential shots while your guests relish in engaging conversations over delicious drinks and delightful canapés.

Furthermore, this segment presents a wonderful opportunity for the two of you to slip away and capture those truly enchanting couple shots amidst the charming gardens.

3:30pm: Lakeside Dining

As the festivities continue, the epic barn doors slide open to reveal your beautiful Lakeside Dining room. Your guests will be warmly ushered in to find their designated seats. Meanwhile, the two of you, the Happy Couple, will remain poised behind the scenes. You'll wait until everyone is comfortably settled, creating a welcoming atmosphere.

At this point, when the room is abuzz with anticipation and excitement, you'll be announced into the space to a chorus of cheers and applause that fills the air. It's a heartwarming moment that marks your grand entrance, enveloped in the genuine joy of your loved ones.

3:45pm: The Wedding Breakfast

Here comes one of the most delightful segments of the day! Prepare to indulge in your personalized menu and selected wine, elegantly served by our exceptional catering team. This is a moment to savor as you and your guests relish in the culinary delights and raise a glass to celebrate in style.

5:15pm: Speeches

In line with tradition, this is the opportune moment for your dear ones to express their heartfelt sentiments. To make sure everyone can hear these meaningful words, we're delighted to offer two wireless microphones. This ensures that your voice resonates clearly and reaches every corner of the room, making the experience even more special for both you and your guests.

6-8pm: Mingling Time!

During this period, the bar naturally becomes a hub of activity as guests relish the opportunity to take a leisurely stroll and engage in pleasant conversations with one another. 

8pm: The First Dance

The enchanting moment arrives when you both step onto the dancefloor as a newly married couple, surrounded by the warm wishes of your loved ones.

Whatever form of evening entertainment you opt for—be it a talented DJ or a vibrant live band—we're here to assist. Our Handpicked Suppliers list is teeming with fantastic recommendations, ensuring that your choice will be nothing short of extraordinary!

8:30pm: Evening Refreshments

Revitalize your guests for the evening's festivities with a delightful array of inventive dishes. This culinary treat is the perfect way to infuse them with renewed energy, ensuring that the dancefloor remains alive and bustling throughout the entire night.

11:45: Last Orders

Midnight: The Pub Closes, All Guests Depart Whistle Barns

As the clock strikes twelve, it's time to make your way to your chosen accommodation for the night.

12:30am: All Guests To Have departed The Venue

12:15am: Whistle Barns Closes.

Our wonderful team takes care of gathering any remaining belongings within the barns, ensuring they are meticulously stored in a secure overnight location. Additionally, any unused drinks you might have provided will be thoughtfully stored away, ready for your collection during your designated slot at either 9am or 9.30am the following morning. Rest assured, your possessions are in capable hands, allowing you to embrace a worry-free night.