It's Party Time

at Whistle Barns Wedding Venue

Embrace the Night

As the sun sets and stars begin to twinkle, our Wedding Breakfast Room evolves into an electric party haven, setting the scene for an unforgettable evening of revelry. At Whistle Barns Wedding Venue, your party time is tailor-made, whether you're extending your celebrations from day to night or adding a fresh dynamic with evening guests.

Crafting your bespoke wedding schedule is our delight, ensuring each moment flows effortlessly. For your evening guests, our dedicated team will expertly advise the optimal time to launch the festivities. Our stocked and welcoming Pub awaits, creating a lively atmosphere that ushers in a night of entertainment.

Dancing, Laughter, and Cherished Moments

As the music envelops the air, the dancefloor becomes the heart of the celebration, beckoning guests to sway and groove. While we're pleased to provide extra seating if needed, the dancefloor often steals the spotlight, igniting the party with vibrant energy, assisted by a state-of-the-art soundsystem. 

As the night unfolds, tradition intertwines with excitement during the cake cutting and first dance. These magical moments shine even brighter when shared with evening guests, so be sure to include timings on your invites. It's a splendid way to ensure all guests feel part of your extraordinary journey.

Evening Entertainment

At Whistle Barns, the party spirit is our forte. From dynamic DJs to captivating bands and unique entertainers, our curated Handpicked Suppliers list offers an array of options to elevate your evening. Each artist knows how to ignite the night, ensuring your special day is an extraordinary celebration.

Throughout the evening, our Pub remains open until 11:45pm, ensuring your guests stay refreshed and energized. Staying true to local pub pricing, we offer exceptional value for a seamless experience. Please note that, for convenience and safety, our bar exclusively accepts contactless card payments, simplifying transactions for all.

Handpicked Suppliers