The Engine Room Pub

Your Private Pub

Nestled within this enchanting Pub Wedding Venue lies a hidden gem...

Let off steam in The Engine Room Pub! Where the seamless blend of timeless country pub charm and refined interiors harmonise beautifully for a relaxed yet stylish affair.

Your exclusive onsite pub is designed to elevate your wedding celebration. With its central location within the venue, The Engine Room ensures that the heart of your wedding beats strong. It's a place where love, laughter, and celebration converge, leaving indelible memories for you and your guests.

Pub wedding venues always exude a warm, friendly, and unpretentious atmosphere. All of which helps your guests feel at ease and allows them to fully enjoy your special day.

First Impressions

From the moment your guests arrive, The Engine Room opens its doors to welcome them with a selection of familiar classics. While you're tucked away in The Dressing Room, getting ready. You can relax in the knowledge that your loved ones are together, toasting to the beginning of a beautiful journey.

Every inch of The Engine Room Pub exudes a timeless charm, with a fusion of countryside allure and refined elegance. As you step into this intimate space, your gaze is drawn to the captivating focal point. A magnificent L-shaped copper-topped bar that streches gracefully in an L-shape. Inviting guests from all corners of the room to enjoy it's delightful offerings. 

The bar is adorned with deep green wooden panelling that infuses the space with a sense of depth and cosiness. The warm and gentle lighting really enhances these rich wooden accents and brings out these intricate details and unique character.

In the corner, a cosy snug beckons, its crackling fireplace inviting you to gather close. The plush seating and snug corners cocoon you into a sense of belonging. Here, conversations flow as freely as you unwind and connect with other guests.

Hub Of Celebration

The versatility of The Engine Room Pub is unmatched. Whether you're seeking a quiet corner for intimate conversations or a lively space with air full of excitement, it seamlessly accommodates every aspect of your celebration.

During the drinks reception, this unique pub offers a relaxed setting for your guests to enjoy a drink and celebrate.  And as the evening unfolds, it transforms into a vibrant space directly adjacent to your Wedding Breakfast Barn. Ready for your guests to mingle, toast, and revel in the festivities. The cosy ambiance and lively spirit make it an ideal spot to let loose and savor every moment.

Book Whistle Barns Pub Wedding Venue and let this exclusive onsite pub be the cornerstone of your dream wedding. Elevate your celebration, and experience the magic of a pub wedding venue that is truly unique.

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