Exclusive Use Wedding Venue

The Benefits

Your Very Own Haven

Get ready to revel in the joy of Whistle Barns, an exclusive use wedding venue. That's right – the only folks you'll find on-site during your wedding day are the ones you've personally invited, along with our amazing team.

No outsiders, no public access – just you, your loved ones, and our dedicated crew. The venue and all its delightful facilities are reserved just for you. It's an exclusive haven for you to savor from 11am until midnight on your special day.

What's Included

Adding Your Special Touch

When you opt for Whistle Barns, an exclusive use wedding venue, you're unlocking a world of possibilities to infuse your personality and wedding theme into the barns. Plus, you'll have a personal Event Manager at your side on the big day, ensuring that every decoration and personal touch is set up just as you've envisioned it, come morning.

With this taken care of, you're free to kick back and relish some pampering in The Dressing Room.

As for your invaluable wedding Suppliers, they're welcome to arrive on-site starting at 10am on the day of the event, ensuring they have ample time to prepare before your guests arrive.

Remember to explore our Handpicked Suppliers list for some truly remarkable recommendations!

Handpicked Suppliers

Centered Around You

At Whistle Barns, it's all about making your wedding day uniquely YOU!

Your special day is a chance to feel like true royalty, and having the privilege of an exclusive use wedding venue adds that extra touch of personalization and magic.

Rest assured, you're in the spotlight, and our undivided attention is on making your day the Best Day Ever! Unlike venues managing multiple couples simultaneously, our entire team is dedicated to perfecting every aspect of your day, ensuring it's flawless in every possible way.

Creating a Cozy Vibe

An exclusive use wedding venue makes it wonderfully simple to keep everyone connected. No more concerns about guests wandering to the wrong bar or getting sidetracked – here, the enchanting atmosphere keeps everyone together, enjoying the moment.

Gone are the worries of uninvited guests stumbling in or unexpected distractions. Instead, you'll be surrounded solely by the people you hold dear, without any photobombers or strangers to disrupt the magic.

With your closest friends and family by your side, your guests will find comfort in sharing a bond, knowing that everyone is here to celebrate your beautiful union. It's a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere that adds an extra layer of joy to your special day.

Secluded Haven

Tucked away in the heart of the Amber Valley district of Derbyshire in the East Midlands, lies Whistle Barns. Despite its tranquil rural setting, these stunning barns are conveniently reached from both the M1.

Nestled amidst picturesque rolling countryside, this exclusive use wedding venue boasts not only natural beauty but also an unparalleled sense of privacy for your special day.

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