Dog Friendly Wedding Venue

Whistle Barns

Part of the Family

We truly believe that dogs are an integral part of our families, which is why we're thrilled to offer a dog-friendly wedding venue. We understand that your furry friend holds a special place in your heart, and we're excited to help them play a role in your big day.

Imagine the joy of watching your adorable pup proudly donning a bow with the rings attached, trotting towards you as the honorary Ring Bearer. It's an image that's just too adorable to resist!

And don't forget the fantastic photo opportunities! If you'd like your pup to join in a few snapshots amidst the picturesque gardens after the ceremony, simply let your photographer know in advance. This way, they can capture the most magical moments that you'll cherish forever.

While your furry friend might take center stage during the ring ceremony, we kindly ask that they enjoy the outdoor spaces and head home before the Wedding Breakfast begins.

Precious Pets

Navigating the logistics of caring for your furry friend on your wedding day can be quite a challenge, especially when you want all your loved ones to fully enjoy the festivities. However, there's a wonderful solution that can put your mind at ease: entrust your precious pup to a reliable dog chaperone service.

Introducing Precious Pets Weddings, a fantastic dog-sitting and chaperone service dedicated to ensuring your dog's well-being on your special day.

With their wealth of experience, you can rest assured that this trusted provider will not only bring your dog safely to the venue but also help them embrace their role as a ring bearer. Additionally, they'll lend a paw in orchestrating stunning photographic moments, guaranteeing you the most breathtaking photos to cherish.

Once all the excitement has settled, they'll lovingly accompany your dog back home to their cozy canine haven. For that extra touch of indulgence, you might even consider treating your furry companion to the ultimate care and pampering package, especially if they've been on their best behavior!

So, while you're dancing the night away and making lifelong memories, your beloved pet will be in the caring hands of Precious Pets Weddings. It's the perfect way to ensure both you and your furry friend have an unforgettable and stress-free day!

Precious Pets Weddings

Dog Friendly Wedding Venues - The Rules

Spread the Word: Kindly inform your guests that our venue embraces furry friends and your dog will be joining in the festivities. This way, we can accommodate any potential allergies that might arise, even those we might not be aware of.


  • Your dog's happiness matters. Consider their temperament and how comfortable they are in lively settings. We want them to enjoy the day as much as you do!
  • Our venue is nestled in rustic surroundings with grazing animals and local wildlife. To ensure harmony, please keep your dog on a leash at all times. Oh, and don't forget those trusty poop bags – they're a must!
  • It's important to inform your Event Manager if you're planning to include your dog in your celebration. They'll need to coordinate with the registrars to ensure a seamless experience.
  • While we adore dogs, we kindly request that your wedding guests leave their own furry companions at home. Also, for their safety and well-being, dogs cannot be left in parked vehicles.
  • Before the Wedding Breakfast commences, please make sure your four-legged friend is comfortably settled back home.

Guide / Assistance Dog Policy